30.In the Rain
Under the Weather

Sometimes it’s just easier to tell when someone is having a bad day.
29. Happiness
First Snow on Mars

273 Martian Days after atmosphere Jötunn’s deployment. Around 1100 Dr. Hemis called to say that there are signs of precipitation on Amazonis Planitia. I arrived just in time to witness the first snow on mars. How exciting! This is a obvious sign of Jötunn’s success. I took off my gloves (screw toxic levels, this is first hand science!) and caught a snowflake. The snowflake has little difference to the ones documented. This is great news. We are one step closer to Earth II. 
-An excerpt from Dr. Mary Chou’s personal Journal
Jack in the Box

After 6 month of imprisonment and questioning, Yeh Cheng-Chi was executed for studying Socialism. Before his death, he hid a Bible and a letter in the necktie he tied around his waist. The letter was addressed to his wife and infant son. At the end of the letter, he drew a Jack in the Box, hoping that every time his son sees it, he will think of him.
He named the son he never got to meet Kuang-I. “Light” and “Fortitude”. To live like the light, strong and undying.


27. Foreign

I saw this girl on the MRT the other day. She had a few scars on her wrist.
And I thought, how strange this world must be to her.


True story.

Cry not, tears are Pearls.


When I was little, I read a story from Echo’s Chinese Tales about a merman who befriend a man. When the man was too poor to marry the girl of his dreams, the merman cried for his friend’s misfortune. As his tears hit the moonlit sand, they turned into pearls and helped his friend tie the knot.
25. Trouble Lurking

He gave me a box.
"Don’t Open it," he said.
"It’s dangerous." he said.
24.No Time
Quick Escape

"Cool guys don’t look at explosions,"

They just turn around and let the sh*t hit everyone else.
23. Cat
Puss in Boots
And you thought dogs were a man’s best friend.
22. Mother Nature

Plutonian II
I like the air on Earth. So warm, so rich.
Earthlings often find that weird,”It’s just regular air.” you say.
Ah, regular, but you have no idea how exotic it is to me.
For Lovers in a Rush

When the lights are cutting out
And I come down in your room
Our daily compromise
It is written in your signed armistice

A work from Feb 2011.